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Microsoft Confirms Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Wave 2 Changes

Microsoft has published its release notes for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Wave 2 updates coming this fall.
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Microsoft Announces Dynamics 365 and Power Tools Wave 2 Update Schedule

Microsoft’s planned Wave 2 update for Dynamics 365 and Power Tools will start its cycle next month and arrive fully in October.

Microsoft Is Helping the UK’s NHS Get Ventilators with Teams, HoloLens, and Dynamics 365

Microsoft will provide Teams, HoloLens, and Dynamics 365, as well as its technical support, to a UK consortium fighting to keep up with ventilator supplies during the coronavirus outbreak.
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Microsoft Expands Upcoming Dynamics 365 Features, Including Finance Insights

Microsoft has added to expected Dynamics 365 features that will be part of the 2020 wave 1 updates arriving in the coming months.

Here Are the Features Debuting in the next Wave of Dynamics 365 and Power...

Dynamics 365 will be receiving improved conversation analysis and better AI agents, while the Power Platform gets better Teams integration and RPA capabilities.
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Dynamics 365 Commerce to Lead Microsoft’s Busy NRF 2020

As part of Microsoft’s plans to go big at NRF 2020 next week, Dynamics 365 Commerce and Fraud Protection features will be discussed.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Users Can Now Chat with Users via Facebook Messenger

Dynamics 365 Customer Service agents can now connect with their users on via Facebook integration, allowing for asynchronous, cross-device chat.
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Microsoft Reveals Dynamics 365 Apps will be Replaced by LinkedIn Tools

Dynamics 365 Talent Attract and Talent Onboard will be replaced by LinkedIn Talent Hub, which combines Recruiter and Jobs.

Microsoft Learn Debuts Dynamics 365 Business Central e-learning Modules

Users of Business Central can now find e-learning modules on Microsoft Learn that detail how to use the application.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gets Two New AI-Powered Apps

The apps focus on unifying both customer's shopping experience and tying aspects together behind the scenes via AI insights.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides Receives Improved Hologram Manipulation

The latest update to Dynamics 365 Guides improves how Holograms interact with a space, as well as expanding language support and accessibility options.
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Microsoft Is Making Big Changes to Its Dynamics 365 Pricing Model

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement will move to a base license system, while the Unified Operations Plan will be split into three parts.
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Microsoft Will Give You up to $20k for Finding Dynamics 365 Security Bugs

Microsoft's Dynamics 365 bounty seeks RCE, escalation of privilege, and spoofing/tampering issues, with rewards ranging from $500 to $20k.

Microsoft Forms Pro Arrives on Dynamics 365 and Office 365

After several months in preview, Microsoft Forms Pro is rolling out to Dynamics 365 and Office 365 users as general availability.

Microsoft Discusses Upcoming Dynamics 365 Applications for Mobile and HoloLens

Microsoft has several new Dynamics 365 apps prepared for iOS, Android, and HoloLens. Four new apps will come to users in the coming months.
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Dynamics 365 to Receive Microsoft Remote Assist and Layout AI Tools

Remote Assist and Layout were announced at Build 2018 and have been tested in Dynamics 365 since then, including a successful trial with Chevron.
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Microsoft Discusses Dynamics 365 October Update Details

The company has published details of the first twice-annual update for Dynamics 365, including improvements across all apps.
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Moves to Windows-Like Twice-Annual Update Schedule

Dynamics 365 will now be updated with new features every April and October, with smaller performance and security tweaks during the year.

Microsoft Brings Dynamics 365 Integration to Outlook

Available on web, smartphones, and PC, Dynamics 365 on Outlook allows users to access data directly within the email client.
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Microsoft Introduces Dynamics 365 AI Solutions at Ignite

Dynamics 365 AI Solutions allow organizations to digitize more easily from a smaller base, and will debut with Dynamics 365 for Talent: Attract and Dynamics 365 for Talent: Onboard.