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Microsoft Garage Introduces Your News Curating App for Xbox One

Your News is a powerful new application that curates written and video news content on the game console. However, the app is not easy to find on the Xbox Store.


has today announced a new service targeting the console. The skunkworks-like division of has launched Your News, an app available on the . Users can download it now, but it seems users are having trouble finding it.

What is interesting about the app is it brings high-quality curated news content to Microsoft's gaming console. The news feed allows quick reading of news headlines and the option to open any story for more in-depth content.

Your News also gives Xbox One users the ability to watch news content directly on their console. Microsoft leverages the power of its MSN platform to gather content. This allows the app to deliver video feeds directly from MSN.

Microsoft Garage offers the following description for the app:

“We helped to serve this by ensuring our users had the choice of which news they wanted to watch. They are provided with a list of news topics and sources personalized to their tastes, each of which provides a variety of news stories. If they'd like to watch passively, they can put the controller down and watch a continuous stream of stories. This is Your News, where users can watch news they are interested in, whenever they want.”

As we are used to with these curation apps, the Garage project gathers content based on user activities and preferences.

Downloading Your News

We are hearing a lot of good things about this application. It also expands Microsoft long-standing goal of making the Xbox One an entertainment box.

As I mentioned, users are saying it is hard to find this app in the Xbox Store. Firstly, it seems that simply searching the app name does not bring up results. The same goes for the search term Microsoft News. Both these queries show more traditional apps like USA Today, for example.

Instead, Xbox One users need to head to all apps page and find it there. Your News is around the third row. This is hardly intuitive, but the store has often been like this for news apps. Another alternative is to search for it on a browser and launch it from there.

Or, you can head to the link in the source below.

SourceYour News
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