OneNote Class Notebook is an add-in for Microsoft’s note taking app that launched last year. Today, the Office team has announced an update for the features. The company is adding several important new features, improving integrations and placing additions based on user feedback.

Among the new features in OneNote Class Notebook is new Learning Management System (LMS) assignment and grade integration for Blackbaud onCampus and eSchoolData.

Microsoft points out these additional integrations come after customer requests for more LMS and SIS (Student Information System) services to be supported. After this update, Class Notebook now integrates with over 40 LMSes and SISes around the world.

With this release, Microsoft is bumping Class Notebook to version

While OneNote is a tool for users to jot down notes, Microsoft has been increasingly pushing its abilities for organizations. The Class Notebook API showed how the app could become powerful for education centers and providers.

Since launching the API in preview, Microsoft says the response has been resounding. Education partners have embraced the features of Class Notebook, making OneNote more potent for students and educators.

OneNote Class Notebook

Last June, Microsoft introduced the API on Mac, extending its usefulness across platforms. Like on Windows, the service gives teachers tools to organize lesson plans and manage course content.

The digital notebook allows educators to save and view content online or offline across devices. Teachers can also link in with online lesson plans to create custom courses, while audio and video can also be integrated.

For students, the API can annotate slides, sketch, and make handwritten notes on course content. With the Save a Copy feature, users can save their notebooks and view them even if they change schools, or even after the graduate.