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Microsoft Launches OneNote 2016 Class Notebook Tools for Mac

The updated Microsoft OneNote 2016 will feature the Class Notebook tab for teachers with administrative rights to their Class Notebooks, which gives them more freedom to manage class tools for efficient teaching.


Teachers who use Class Notebooks in their Mac PCs can now enjoy the benefits of Class Notebook Tools, which was previously made available for Windows users only.

OneNote’s Class Notebook is Microsoft’s push to turn OneNote as a true productivity service. Class Notebook can help teachers organize lesson plans and course contents in a “digital notebook,” which is saved automatically and can be viewed online or offline from any device.

Custom lesson plans can be created using web content, audio and video recordings, while students can use tools to highlight, annotate slides, sketch diagrams and make handwritten notes.

In turn, teachers are able to provide better learning to students by typing or writing directly in a student’s private notebook. This collaboration space encourages students to work together as teachers provide real-time feedback and coaching.

The Class Notebook tab offers the following features:

  • Distribute pages with two clicks: Instead of sending students to the Content Library to copy pages themselves, teachers can distribute a page to all students in just two clicks.
  • Review student work: Class Tools can provide teachers with a list of pages they distributed and help review their students’ works. Clicking a student’s name will bring teachers to the selected page in the student’s notebook.
  • View Class Notebooks: Inversely, Class Tools provide teachers with an easy-to-scan list of all students and their sections to monitor their activity.
  • Manage Class Notebooks: A Manage drop-town tool helps teachers add or remove students, or even teachers, from a Class Notebook. Teachers can also create new Class Notebooks under this option.

A more in-depth version of the features can be viewed here.

Microsoft OneNote was chosen as the Best of 2014 by Apple. Users can submit feedback about the new update via e-mail, where the Class Notebook product team will respond to their queries.

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