Windows Insider Program Dona Sarkar Official Microsoft

Windows Insider Program members have probably noticed there have been no preview releases this week. Microsoft has today confirmed that there will not be any at all, due to holiday weekend in the United States. The situation was confirmed today by Windows Insider head Dona Sarkar.

In a tweet, Sarkar said early-week builds were prevented by a ‘blocking bug’. As for any previews in the coming days, they are postponed because of the Memorial Day weekend in the US.

Because most engineers are taking Friday off, there is not enough data on builds to release a preview. That means Insiders will not get a new release until sometime next week.

If we were to guess, we would say Tuesday at the earliest, but likely later. Memorial Day, which commemorates those who died in the US armed forces takes place Monday, May 29. It is a national public holiday, which means the engineers who have Friday off will certainly have Monday off.

Of course, any new Insider releases will also depend on whether the company solves the blocking bug issue Sarkar confirmed yesterday.

Windows 10 Preview Build 16199

That means Windows 10 PC users are let with the 16199 preview of the Fall Creators Update. Mobile users are on build 15215, which was released the same time as the PC build.

Among the features launched in preview build 16199 were the new emoji notifications, such as Shoulder Tap. Notification Badges were also added, which post Skype notifications into a display counter.

Further additions to build 16199 was People-First Sharing, which added a couple of new ways to share files. One way is to drag-and-drop files directly onto the contacts in their taskbar to start an email. Alternatively, users can use the share picker and choose from a list of recommended contacts.

Insiders also started to receive the Story Remix feature, one of the cornerstones of the Fall Creators Update.