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Microsoft Updates Bing Bots, Improves Search Experience

Users can now find bots across multiple messaging platforms through a single search, while the company has started rolling out chat bots which help users plan a dinner out.


knows that the future of search is bound to be more conversational and that it will certainly include chat bots. With that in mind, the company has announced a big update for the chat bots of Bing in a blog post.

Thanks to the latest update, users are now able to search and find bots across multiple messaging platforms with just one search.

For example, if you run a search on Bing for ‘travel bots', you will be presented with all the travel-related bots for all platforms such as Skype, Slack, and Facebook Messenger.

In order to test the improved search experience, you can just head on to Bing and run a search for any kind of bots you want. Under the tab “All”, all bots for all messaging platforms will appear for you to download.

Below, you can see the example Microsoft gives in its announcement blog post, which illustrates what happens from now on when you run a search for ‘travel bots' on Bing:

If you search for ‘travel bots', Bing will now show all available bots for all your messaging platforms – Image: Microsoft

Book your dinner with a Bing bot

Additionally, the new update to the bots of Bing adds the ability to chat with bots and get help with making a reservation for dinner.

From now on, when users search for a restaurant on Bing, they will have the chance to chat with a restaurant bot.

Many restaurants already have bots which help users learn things such as if the restaurant has vegetarian or gluten-free options.

You can also learn where you can park, or if the restaurants accept certain credit cards.

Bots which help you plan your dinner out are already available to users in Seattle – Image: Microsoft

Temporarily, this feature is only available to users in Seattle. However, Microsoft promises in its blog post that “[i]n the coming months, [Microsoft] will be expanding this program to more US metropolitan areas.

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