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Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Insider Build 16188 and Mobile Build 15210

Build 16188 for PC introduces several new PDF viewing features, as well as a new Cortana settings page and an improved update experience. The mobile build feature several bug fixes.


is rolling out two new Insider builds, one for desktop, and the other for mobile. Build 16188 for PC adds new features to Edges' PDF reader, updates to Windows Defender Application Guard, and more. The mobile build focuses primarily on bug fixes.

Windows 10 Build 16188

Of course, there's a lot more depth than it appears on the surface, and Microsoft has made tons of minor tweaks that improve the quality of life. Here's the full changelog for PC:

  • Awesome new features in Microsoft Edge's PDF Reader: 
    • PDF Form filling:  Now you can fill in PDF based forms within Microsoft Edge, save them and print them!
    • PDF Annotations: The annotations capability in the browser is now extended to PDFs as well. Using different modes in the annotations bar, you can ink on the PDF, highlight text and erase your annotations. You can save the work onto the PDF file for later use.
    • Table of Contents for easier navigation: For reading longer documents, you can now use the Table of Contents (ToC) feature for easier navigation.
    • Better viewing and navigation:  Now you can rotate the PDF documents for better readability. Using the “Layout” flyout menu on the toolbar, now you can switch from one page to two page layouts and change to page-wise scrolling for better navigation experience for longer documents.
  • Windows Defender Application Guard: Windows Defender Application Guard for Microsoft Edge is now available in Windows Insider Previews for Enterprise users in the Fast Ring.
  • Cortana's settings have been integrated into Settings:  We've heard your feedback about discoverability, and with this build, we've made the change to migrate all of Cortana's settings into Settings. 
  • A reimagined Magnifier Settings page: In order to improve the experience both for low vision users, as well as casual Magnifier users who use it for presentations or quick zooming, we've updated the Magnifier Settings page.
    • You can now easily follow Narrator around the screen with Magnifier by selecting “Follow the Narrator cursor”.
    • We've embedded a list of all the available Magnifier shortcuts into the Settings page for quick reference.
    • You can now zoom using your mouse wheel by holding down a key combination (Win + Ctrl)
    • We've added an option to open the Magnifier settings from anywhere in the OS by pressing Ctrl + Win + M.
    • You can now set your preferred Magnifier mode in Settings.
    • We've added an option to select your preferred zoom increment when using Magnifier.
  • Improving your update experience: We've heard your feedback, and with Build 16188 we've replaced the previous modal Windows Update dialog with a new interactive toast notification so you can easily be aware of an available update without it interrupting your work.”

Windows 10 Mobile Build 15210 Changelog

The changes to Windows Mobile are more minor, with just a couple of notable improvements:

  • “We fixed an issue with the Glance screen where the time was not updating.
  • We fixed the token issue so when your device syncs to the service, text messages should show back up.”

Microsoft is still working on known issues in Build 16188 and 15210. Surface 3 is having trouble updating if an SD card is inserted, so just be aware before you start downloading.

You can find more details on the Windows blog.

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