Hololens engineering official Microsoft

Microsoft’s HoloLens mixed reality headset has received an important milestone today. The company has announced that the device passed basic impact tests for protective eyewear standards. This certification has been given by regulatory bodies in North America and Europe.

Because of this, HoloLens can be used in industrial scenarios without breaking any regulations. Under the certification, the headset conforms to basic impact protection requirements of ANSI Z87.1, CSA Z94.3 and EN 166.

All of these requirements are the most common for protective eyewear standards in North American and Europe.

Microsoft has also discussed how HoloLens is creating new avenues for businesses. At the Hannover Messe Industries show this week, the company will discuss how the device can reduce cost in business by giving employees improve data visualization.

ThyssenKrupp is a Microsoft partner company that is leveraging HoloLens to drive process optimization in their home mobility solutions. The company wants to help customers to have improved home mobility products by using HoloLens.

Over the last two decades, ThyssenKrupp has been restricted in how it delivers solutions. The company has used a complicated method that includes labels and cameras to gather data. All the information would allow the customized mobility solutions the company offers.

Improving Solutions with HoloLens

Building a new stair lift would be a complex process that would mean customers had a lesser experience waiting for extended delivery times.

By using HoloLens, ThyssenKrupp says the process has been digitally transformed. Now a salesperson can use augmented reality to measure the staircase and show the customer. This can all be achieved during a single visit.

The company also uses Microsoft’s Azure cloud service to share data instantly with the manufacturing team. Now it is possible to go from contact to design development in one process.