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Microsoft Introduces New Surface Dial App Capabilities

Some of the leading apps that use the Surface Dial have gained new capabilities. Microsoft has also announced a demo of Adobe Premiere Pro CC working with the peripheral.


has today announced some new partner application capabilities for the Surface Dial. The company has collaborated with developers to create new abilities for CorelDRAW, SketchBook, Sketchable, and Djay Pro. It is certainly good to see the peripheral become more useful. It is a good tool, but needs developer backing.

The new app capabilities help Surface Dial users get more creative tools to use with their Surface device. As well as the new apps, Microsoft has also announced a new demo from Adobe. Specifically, the company shows the Dial working with its Adobe Premiere Pro CC software.

Microsoft is debuting the apps a day before the Windows 10 Creators Update starts its automatic roll out. The Surface Dial and the PC will leverage the power of the . The hardware has been created to be a platform for creators and editors.

In October, Microsoft launched the Creators Update alongside the Surface Dial and Surface Studio.

“Applications like SketchBook, Sketchable, Mental Canvas, StaffPad, BlueBeam, Siemens NX, DrawBoard, and Spotify reimagine the creative process and show what's possible with Surface Dial. There are limitless possibilities,” Microsoft says.

Surface Dial Partner Apps

Algoriddim djay Pro: “With Surface Dial, users can browse their music library, scratch, scrub, loop, and precisely adjust knobs and filters on screen and for each deck individually, providing a truly innovative interaction paradigm to DJs.”

CorelDRAW: “The addition of Surface Dial has truly augmented and simplified the graphics design workflow like never below. It's really designed to complement the Pen with the non-dominant hand, and this how we designed it in CorelDRAW. By simply putting the Dial on the screen, your favorite tools will appear. Pick what you want, set the properties, select – for example – LiveSketch. Remove the Dial from the screen and create your most beautiful piece of art – just like you would on a piece of paper.”

AutoDesk Sketchbook: “Autodesk SketchBook is made for artists and designers who want their work to feel natural in a digital environment, and Surface Dial provides them with additional choices and control over their creative workspace. Digital artists who like the tactile feedback and two-hand feel of Surface Dial can use it to control three of the most important aspects of SketchBook: canvas, brush, and color. Surface Dial in SketchBook helps you easily rotate and resize the canvas, provides precise control over zoom in and out, puts fine-tuning of brush size and opacity at your fingertips, and gives you a quick and easy way to control hue, saturation, and luminance in your color palette.”

Sketchable: “Sketchable leverages the new Dial APIs to present a cohesive experience, as well as streamline navigation via press & turn. This allows creatives to access their desired setting quicker, without taking the focus off their work.”

Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Since announcing Surface Studio and Surface Dial last fall, people have been curious about how Surface Dial could work with Adobe's suite of products. We have an update to share. In a Technology Demonstration of Premiere Pro CC, Adobe uses the Surface Dial for accelerated shuttling through clips and sequences with precision frame selection and immediate stop and start of playback, as well as incremental speed increase, decrease and reverse up to 32X playback.

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