Skype Extension for Google Chrome Updated with More Tool Integration

The Skype extension for Chrome now integrates into email clients, user calendars, and Twitter when users are browsing. Google Chrome is getting the features before the Microsoft Edge Skype extension.

Skype Official Microsoft

's team has today announced some capabilities for the browser Skype extension version of the service. The new update brings additions to mailing abilities, while also improving organizing and social aspects of the extensions.

I have been purposely vague in that opening about which extension this is for. Unfortunately, this is an update for the Skype extension for Chrome.

Of course, it's a welcome set of new abilities for Chrome users, but what about Edge? Microsoft has not mentioned when this update will come to the Skype extension on its own browser. I am almost certain they will eventually, but why does Chrome get first dibs?

is comfortably the most used web browser, so users getting the new features on it makes plenty of sense.

It would just be nice if Microsoft could show equal love to Edge. The company is trying to bolster the browser against more mature and feature-rich competitors. It always feels like a backwards step when other platforms score features first.

New Skype Extension Features

Either way, mini rant aside, the new additions to the extension to expand its overall functionality. Microsoft says the new update brings expanded integration across more tools. The new features cover email, calendar, and :

  • Email – Add a Skype call link from within the email composition window in Gmail, Google Inbox, and
  • Calendar – Create Skype call links right inside your calendar items in Google Calendar and
  • Twitter – Add a Skype call link for an “Ask Me Anything,” webinar, or open meeting while you're composing your tweet.