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Microsoft Translator Gets Performance and Connection Fixes in Latest Android Update

Microsoft Translator 3.0.165 reduces load times and disconnection issues, creating a more responsive, stable experience.


Translator has some advanced functionality on , with the ability to interpret multi-user conversations in real-time, advise pronunciation, and more. However, all of those features come with a performance cost, and Microsoft has addressed some of those today.

Microsoft Translator Release Notes

Version 3.0.165 is a relatively small update, with no new features in sight. However, it does remedy several annoyances that make the app hard to use. Here's the full changelog for this build:

  • “Slow start up time improvements
  • Conversation mode disconnection fixes
  • Improved error messages
  • Other bug fixes”

The slow start up fix is the most noticeable improvement here, and it's actually quite important. In the real world, there's not always time to wait for load screens. If a user is asked a question in a different language, they want to know what it means as quickly as possible.

The same can be said for image translation. Finding signs for public transport is often a time-sensitive subject. The latest updates will help tremendously in that regard.

Of course, the reliability improvements are also essential. There's nothing more annoying than an app cutting you off mid conversation. All of these improvements will provide a solid base on which Microsoft can introduce new features.

However, it's worth noting that these changes don't extend to Skype Translator. Though the two hold some similar technologies, their development is on separate paths. Skype Translator is built into its desktop app, while is standalone.

Still, you can grab the latest functionality today from Google Play. You'll also find a more detailed description of its features.

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