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Microsoft Will Axe Its Skype Translator Bot, Outlook Customer Manager, and Invoicing

Skype Translation will be available as a built-in feature, but Outlook Customer Manager and Microsoft Invoicing are gone for good.
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Microsoft Russian Language Support for Skype Translator

Russian support introduces the eighth most popular spoken language to the Skype Translator tool. The service was introduced in 2014 and was integrated into Windows last year.
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Microsoft Adds Arabic to Skype Translator

The addition of Arabic to the Skype Translator feature means the service now supports eight different languages, with English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish being the others.
Microsoft Translator Edge Extension Demo Microsoft Official

Microsoft Translator Arrives as Edge Extension and Skype UWP Integration

With the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the Microsoft Translator suite is available to Edge users as an extension directly in their browser. Skype users on the Universal Windows Platform Preview app can also use the translation service.

Skype Version 8.93 Brings Major Update to Mobile and Desktop

Microsoft is moving Skype version 8.93 to full release with its ability to translate group video calls in a personal voice (TruVoice).

Microsoft Rejuvantes Skype by Adding Innovative Personal Voice Video Call Translations

Skype now has a TruVoice integration that provides personal voice translation in real-time. The app is also getting a major redesign.

How Windows 10 Translator Is Helping You Learn Languages

This article was contributed by Ryan Higgins who is working as a freelance content writer at TextMate. Windows 10 translator is an excellent tool for...

Skype Translation Tool Arrives Across Platforms

Microsoft has rolled out Skype 8.54 with an integrated translation tool that replaces the outgoing Skype Translator Bot.
Skype Preview Translator Microsoft

Microsoft Admits That Humans May Listen to Your Skype Calls and Cortana Questions

Changes to Microsoft's privacy policies admit that human contractors sometimes review Skype Translator calls and Cortana requests.

Microsoft´s PowerPoint Live Presentation Translator Goes Public for over 60 Languages

Announced at Build 2017, Presentation Translator for PowerPoint allows users to speak in one of 10 languages and have the speech closed-captioned translated in real time. Microsoft uses AI to bring live translating in over 60 languages.
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Microsoft Translator Gets Performance and Connection Fixes in Latest Android Update

Microsoft Translator 3.0.165 reduces load times and disconnection issues, creating a more responsive, stable experience.
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Microsoft Translator Bilingual Conversation Data Publicly Released

The bilingual conversation corpus from conversation data in Microsoft Translator creates a standard for measuring conversation speech translation systems.
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Microsoft Updates Translator App with Conversational Translation Feature for Groups

The new version of Microsoft Translator now enables translation in real time, supporting up to 100 speakers. This new feature allows face to face communication using native language on personal devices.
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Microsoft Rolls out Latest Skype Preview to Release Ring, with Voice Translation and More

Skype Preview brings real-time voice translation, offline video messages and missed call forwarding.
Skype Preview Translator Microsoft

Skype Preview Update Brings Real-time Voice Translation to Insiders

The latest Skype Preview brings real-time voice translation, offline video messages, missed call forwarding and more.
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Microsoft Translator Gets State-of-the-Art Neural Network Based Translations

All speech translation apps that use this service, like Skype Translator and the Microsoft Translator app for mobile devices, now use neural network technology.
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Microsoft: Skype for Web Now Supports Users without Accounts

A new update for Skype for Web makes it possible to engage in chats, voice, and video calls without needing an account. Conversation links last for 24 hours and support up to 300 people.
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Microsoft Translator to Recieve Multi-Lingual Group Conversation Support

A Microsoft Translator demo shows three participants speaking English, German and French receiving real-time text translation on mobile.
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Microsoft Adds Android N Support to Skype for Android

Update 7.14 for Skype for Android means the app now supports Google’s most recent software release, Android 7.0 Nougat. The new update also adds cross-platform contact suggestions.
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Microsoft Translator Adds Cantonese Text Translation Support

Microsoft has broken language barriers by introducing Cantonese text translation and integrating it with Skype for Windows Desktop.

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