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Windows 10 Mobile Locks Screen Bug Lets Anyone See Device Images

A newly found Lock Screen flaw allows anyone to bypass the screen in Windows 10 Mobile and access photos and videos. The bug is affecting both production and preview releases of the platform.


A problematic security flaw has been found in . Brazilian site WindowsTeam reports that a bug is exposing stored images to anyone who is watching. The problem has its own Feedback Hub thread where users are discussing it.

Users are understandably concerned about a problem that can expose their private files. The bug was first discovered by Wallace Michael (@wallace_cane). Since then more users have confirmed that it is a genuine issue.

Reports are pointing to the being the cause of the problem. More specifically, anyone can simply get to images and bypass the Lock Screen with a simple method.

By following the steps below, it is possible to navigate the Lock Screen and enter a device images within knowing the pin code:

  • On a locked device, take any photo.
  • Preview the photo using the Preview thumbnail (lower left), and after the photo has been opened, delete it using the trash bin icon.
  • Press the Back button.
  • Preview the photo again, using the thumbnail. You should see a black screen.
  • Press the back button and Preview the photo using the thumbnail for a 3rd time.

Needless to say, once the lock screen is bypassed, it is possible to swipe through all photos and videos. Privacy is seriously breached by this issue, so what has to say about it will be interesting. So far the company is keeping quiet.


Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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