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Microsoft Announces March 7 Release for Visual Studio 2017

March 7 will commemorate both the launch of Visual Studio 2017 and the celebration of Visual Studio's 20th birthday. A launch event will run for two days, detailing changes and providing training to new users.


The long-awaited Visual Studio 2017 has been given a formal release date by Microsoft. The suite will launch on the 17th of next month alongside a virtual keynote presentation.

Visual Studio’s next iteration has been in testing for a while. Its previous names include Visual Studio “15” and Visual Studio Next. Microsoft launched the suites first preview in March of last year. The date will have a dual significance, marking the celebration of Visual Studio’s 20th anniversary.

The event will run over two days with Visual Studio CVP Julia Liuson as host. Joining her will be VSTS CVP Brian Harry, VS Mobile Distinguished Engineer Miguel de Icaza, and VA and .NET PM Scott Hanselman. It will have various demos, as well as live training on March 8.

“Twenty-five years ago, I started my first day at Microsoft as a developer on the Access team, and then as a developer on a newly created product – Visual InterDev,” said Liuson of the release. “I remember how the emphasis was on the Visual part of our various product offerings, we have come a long way to the Visual Studio we have now.”

Visual Studio 2017 Features

Visual Studio 2017 will bring a wealth of new improvements to the service. Among them is Microsoft’s new IntelliSense code updates. The feature brings smart preselection, filtering, and XAML support. The intelligent filtering speeds up the workflow and lets developers filter the completion list in a variety of ways.

The release will also feature vital performance improvements. Project load is more lightweight, letting users edit and debug without waiting for all the files to load. This combines with a faster startup, only loading extensions when they are needed.

These performance improvements extend to the installer. Visual Studio “15” preview 4 brought the install size down to 500 MB from 6 GB. It also introduced a new Start Page, the roaming extension manager, and a developer command prompt.

Together, the improvements make Visual Studio 2017 one of the biggest iterations yet. Microsoft is inviting customers to join them on March 7th for the full list of features. Until then, you can participate in the #MyVSStory trend to commemorate the suites 20th birthday.

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