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Microsoft Brings Continuous Delivery Tools Extension to Visual Studio 2017

The Continuous Delivery Tools service for Visual Studio 2017 gives developers tools to learn about build failures when they happen. The extension makes deployment of build, test and release pipelines easier.


customers can now take advantage of a new DevLabs extension. has announced Continuous Delivery Tools for Visual Studio in a blog post on Tuesday. The company says the deployment makes it easy to manage pipelines on Visual Studio Team Services.

In its blog post, Microsoft says Continuous Delivery Tools simplify the process for setting up automated build, test and release pipelines. This is for an ASP.NET 4 and ASP.NET Core application targeting Azure.

Using certain DevOps tools such as Continuous Delivery Tools, developers can run “continuous integration builds that automate testing, analysis and verification of their projects, and streamline continuous deployment to get innovative applications into user's hands quickly.”

With the new extension, developers will see Visual Studio 2017 automatically select the first CI configured build definition for the repository loaded in VS. Alternatively, users can choose the build definition to monitor from the repository.

Microsoft says the ability lets developers learn about build failures when they happen. Through notifications, developers can check the status of builds through the IDE status bar icon. To save clutter, only failures will get a notification.

Setting up the extension involves heading to the ASPNET project menu. The “Configure Continuous Delivery” option allows users to automate Build and Release definitions. These are deployed in APS.NET projects on the Azure App Service or Azure Container Service.

In the configuration process, dev's can automate Dev and Test environments. More detailed automations such as manual checks for staging and production deployments can also be created.

Visual Studio 2017

At the end of last month, Microsoft Updated Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate to Build 26127.00. The update introduced four major new additions to the platform. Arguably more important was the movement of the .NET Core and ASP.NET Core workloads out of preview.

Build 26127.00 also debuted an improved Team Explorer connect experience. Specifically, it is now easier to find project and repos to connect to.

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