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Microsoft Rolls out Xbox Holiday Update with Focus on Social Features

Clubs, Looking for Group, Achievement Rarity, and Group Messaging are some of the features available as of today. The Xbox Holiday Update will be available for the Xbox One and the Xbox app on Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices.


The update adds a stronger social trait to , with more choice to play the way you want. Gamer will be able to connect across devices with others that share the same interests.

These new features have already been available in Preview alongside Arena on Xbox Live. The Xbox team plans to keep Arena in Preview available throughout the holiday season.

Lots of social features

Here are some details about the new features for Xbox Live, and the Xbox app:

  • Clubs on Xbox Live: Clubs are gamer-created and managed groups that can help you meet people and grow communities of gamers who love the same things you do. Anyone can join or create a Club. As a Club member, you'll be able to set up parties, play games, share content, and easily communicate using voice and text chat with the Club across Xbox One and the Xbox app on , iOS, and devices. As a Club admin, you'll have the tools to ensure that everyone is having a great time and help create a lively and inclusive .
  • Looking for Group on Xbox Live: Looking for Group (LFG) helps you quickly find other players that you want to game with. It's like posting a gaming “want-ad” to the Xbox communityYou'll be able to add certain requirements to make sure that you're finding the right gamers. You can even create an LFG post for future gaming sessions up to seven days in advance! Whether you're playing on Xbox One or Windows 10 PC, you can quickly find other gamers to play with on Xbox Live.


  • Achievement Rarity: Achievement Rarity helps you discover just how unique an Achievement is among players of a given game. When you earn a rare Achievement, you'll get a special notification and diamond icon highlighting it.
  • Group Messaging on Xbox Live: Group Messaging helps you coordinate and keep in touch with your friends and fellow gamers by sending a single group message to everyone in a single conversation. You can also add people to the group and dynamically change the conversation topic. We have added a new predictive dictionary which you can quick access with the right thumb stick on your controller
  • Gamerscore Leaderboard: We've improved the Gamerscore Leaderboard on Xbox One and the Xbox app on Windows 10 devices. The Leaderboard now resets at the beginning of each month instead of displaying results for a 30-day rolling period. You and your friends will have a clean slate to compete against one another at the start of each month!
  • Emojis for your Xbox One virtual keyboard: Emojis will be joining your virtual keyboard on Xbox One! In addition to the existing alphabet and symbols that you can use, you'll now be able to express your likes, dislikes and more with a host of different emojis on Xbox Live.

Big social and gaming potential

announced the features at its E3 2016 event back in June . The Xbox Holiday Update has a big potential to turn Xbox Live into one centralized gaming center, uniting players across platforms.

This could eliminate the need for third-party websites and other tools, as practiced by some. It will also take the pressure off developers, especially indie ones, to include these features natively in their games.

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