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Microsoft Launches Dynamics 365 with Roadmap and Swipe at Salesforce

With Dynamics 365 now widely available, Microsoft says customers are getting the best SaaS deal, arguing it is much more affordable than Salesforce. The company has also talked about future plans for the cloud-based solution.


has started selling , the company's new service that combines Dynamics CRM and ERP. We reported last month that the company would begin sales of the solution on November 1. In its launch, Microsoft has also taken a swipe at and announced its Dynamics 365 roadmap.

Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based SaaS platform with purpose-built applications. The integrated features and services help organizations meet their cloud business needs.

These applications will focus on fields like Sales, Field Service, Marketing, Financials, Project Service Automation, and Customer Service.

The release is customizable depending the customer, allowing them to access the apps they want. Users can select apps independently and importantly only pay for what they use.

The platform integrates with Office 365, Cortana Intelligence, and Power BI. Dynamics 365 also uses predictive intelligence, workflow optimization, and built-in insights.

As we revealed last month, the service is available in 135 markets in 40 languages at launch. There are Enterprise and Business Editions available, while the AppSource marketplace also integrates with Dynamics 365.

Pricing and Increasing Hostilities with Salesforce

Last month, we discussed the company's pricing options for Dynamics 365:

The Enterprise Edition of Dynamics 365 will come with four price options. For a single module, customers will pay between $40 and $190 per month. Enterprise Edition (Plan 1) costs $115 per user each month. Enterprise Edition (Plan 2) adds the Operations module and costs $210 per month. Dynamics 365 for Team Members Enterprise Edition for “light” users” for $10 per user per month.

On its official website, Microsoft argues this is vastly more affordable that Salesforce. Despite strengthening ties in recent years, the two SaaS giants have been drifting apart in recent months. It started with Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn and has escalated.

Salesforce has responded to Microsoft's price claims and says the company is simply wrong. Indeed, Salesforce points out that Microsoft's interpretation would means customers buying products twice. For reference, here is Salesforce's pricing page.

Dynamics 365 Roadmap

As well as making the service widely available, Microsoft has also detailed what we can expect in the future. On its official blog, the company goes into detail on several upcoming features and integrations. You can check out the list below, or hit the source to see Microsoft's plans in full.

  • Asset management Power BI content
  • Bulk Data Loader for Dynamics 365
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Cortana integration
  • Cost Accounting Power BI reports
  • Credit management Power BI content
  • Cross docking from production to transfer orders
  • Enable withdrawal kanban for warehouse processes
  • Expense management Power BI content
  • Financial Management
  • Globalization service
  • Human Capital Management
  • Mobile – On-hand view app
  • Production operations
  • Mobile – What's this app
  • Mobile warehouse app
  • Product variants
  • Purchase requisitions
  • Purchasing analysis Power BI content
  • Vendor collaboration
  • Visual scheduling
  • Warehousing
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