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Windows 10 Business Growth is Strong in Europe

New research from Context shows that Windows 10 has now found itself onto 24% of all business PCs sold during last month.


has grown at a rapid pace since it was launched last year. In terms of business use, the platform is starting to gain traction. New figures from Context show that Windows 10 is now seated on a quarter of all business PCs in Europe.

The company says its data is fairly solid as the results are directly from European distributers. Broken down, Context says Windows 10 Pro is on 24% of all Windows Business PCs sold in August. The company points out that this is a significant increase compared to the 18% in July.

“Industry expectations have European Windows 10 business spending picking up further towards the end of the current year, this will help to drive a modest improvement in the overall second half 2016 PC sales, compared to that seen in the first half of the year,” said Marie-Christine Pygott, senior analyst at Context.

It goes without saying that the details only account for business PCs in Europe. It is still good news for , though. A 6% increase from July to August suggests that businesses are adopting the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Windows 10 Growth

A study by Adaptiva last month showed that some organizations are holding back on updating to Windows 10.

Adaptiva spoke to more than 300 IT professionals and found there is no rush to upgrade to Windows 10. The survey shows that 54% of companies have migrated less than 5% of their systems to Windows 10. It gets a bit worse than that, with 41% using software to actively block the platform from installing.

Windows 10 has continued to steadily grow since it was launched last year. On the consumer side of the market the platform has continued to encroach on the lead held by . NetMarketShare showed that in August the platform grew 1.99% to hold 22.99% of the market.

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