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VMWare Horizon Client for Windows 10 Launches with Continuum Support

VM Ware's UWP Horizon Client beta has launched on the Store and comes with Continuum support, as well as an enhanced user experience.


An official Horizon Client has appeared in the Windows Store, and the UWP app supports 's Continuum service.

In case you didn't know, Continuum allows certain Mobile phones to connect to a monitor, powering a desktop-like experience. Horizon, on the other hand, gives users access to virtual desktop applications and online services through a single digital workspace.

VMWare Horizon UWP Client Features

VMWare is Microsoft's biggest competitor in the Virtual Machine space, and the company hasn't gone for a half-hearted release. The app utilizes many UWP advantages and builds on the existing win32 client. Full list of features below:

  • Enhanced user experience: The VMware Blast Extreme protocol used with Horizon 7 is designed and optimized for mobile users. Blast Extreme leverages H.264 hardware decoding to deliver the best remote experience while reducing power consumption.
  • Leave the desktop behind with Horizon hosted applications: Use VMware Horizon 7 hosted applications, leave the desktop behind and run remote applications with delight experience.
  • Work smarter with Continuum: Attach your Windows 10 phone to a monitor, mouse and keyboard through wired or wireless accessories to get complete workspace experience without productivity compromise.”

Unfortunately, the app is currently in public beta, so there may yet be some bugs to iron out. However, once the client proves to be stable, we'll no doubt see many users switching from the win32 client.

The app is a definite win for Continuum, and points out how useful the service can be. With hope, the move will convince other developers to support the service.

Naturally, you need VMWare Horizon 7 or later to make use of the Horizon client. You also need a virtual desktop or hosted application. If you meet those requirements, give the app a download from the Store and let us know what you think.

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