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A recently launched emulator for Nintendo titles on the Windows 10 platform has been pulled. Microsoft decided to unpublish the app because it applied to be an Xbox One app. It was always unclear if the company would accept an emulator on its console, and that seems to be the case.

The Universal Emulator lets users load ROMs onto the app in Windows 10. The service allows ROMs from both Sega and Nintendo. However, these ROMs are often illegal, but they can be played on Windows 10 (PC and mobile). Actually, this is a cross-platform app and works on HoloLens and Continuum.

Microsoft has less control over what arrives on Windows PC, but the Xbox platform is more closed. The likelihood of having an emulator built on illegal content on the console was virtually zero. The developer behind Universal Emulator explained the situation on Twitter:

Xbox developers need to go through [email protected] to apply for games to be published on the app store. The company says the emulator is actually and app and not a game. The company has this stipulation clearly stated in its guidelines.

Microsoft decided to remove the app from all its services. However, it is possible that the app could return for Windows 10 PC, Mobile, and HoloLens. That will mean the developer needs to drop the desire to publish the service on the Xbox One.

Interestingly, this decision raises questions about how Microsoft allows apps to be published. At the moment, the potential illegal content is not the issue. However, if it was, a recent Torrex app could also be subject to Microsoft removing it.

Recent HoloLens Emulator

Back last month, we told you about a 3D NES emulator to bring classic Nintendo titles to Microsoft’s HoloLens headset.

The emulator means classic Nintendo titles like Tetris and Super Mario Bros are playable in an augmented environment. Peterson created a custom NES emulator can port 2D graphics games into a 3D content in mixed reality. The classic games certainly look good on the HoloLens, but there are still some limitations.