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Xbox One Users Need to Access Beam through Edge Browser despite Microsoft Acquisition

Because Bean is a web-based service, it can only be accessed on the Xbox One through the Edge browser. Microsoft has not said whether a dedicated app will arrive or not, but it seems likely.


Last week we discussed Microsoft's acquisition of the live streaming service Beam. While the purchase was pushed through to enhance the community gaming experience, Beam has limitations. Chief among them is that the service is web-based. Now the co-founder of the company is instructing users to access the service through the Edge browser.

wants to use Beam to make the service more social. through Beam allows users to connect mid-stream and connect. However, at the moment users must access Beam through a browser.

In terms of console gaming on the Xbox One using the web is limiting and hardly convenient. This means users must access the service through the web instead of through a dedicated app. The co-founder of Beam, Moto/Jen took to Twitter to instruct Xbox One users how to access Beam.

Possible Cross-Platform App

That instruction involves accessing the service through the Edge browser, which is available on the console. It is hardly the ideal solution, but it is a serviceable way to access Beam features. We would be amazed if Microsoft is not pursuing a more permanent solution. The company has not said anything, but we guess a dedicated app for the Xbox One is coming.

Beam allows users to watch or play along with other gamers. It is possible to connect with contacts or favorite gamers in real-time, connecting directly into a live stream.

The service is currently available on other gaming platforms. When the acquisition announced, Microsoft suggested this would remain the case. If that stays the case, a dedicated app from Microsoft could be a way for the company to get ties into other gaming platforms.

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