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Microsoft Unveils NFL Inspired Surface Type Covers

Each NFL franchise is represented by the new Surface Type Covers, which launched today. Microsoft says the creations are part of its expanding ties with the National Football League.


The 2016/2017 NFL season is readying itself for kick-off, with the first week of preseason now underway. is expanding its links with the league with its new Surface Type Covers. The company has created specialized covers for all the teams in the NFL and made them available for $159.99 starting today.

Microsoft has pretty strong ties to the National Football League. NFL teams use Surface hardware on the sidelines to make play calls. The sport is the biggest in the US and Microsoft knows the potential of advertising. Indeed, the company was willing to invest $400 million to be in partnership with the NFL.

“We try lots of things out with Surface, and have mocked up a lot of different types of Type Covers for Surface Pro. One that I thought was really cool was a Seattle Seahawks keyboard that someone on our team made in the model shop.”


The company says it initially made a unique Type Cover for Paul Allen, the owner of the Seattle Seahawks. General support was emphatic when Microsoft put the design on Twitter. As a result the company decided to make a whole range.

We are sure the new Surface Type Covers will appeal to fans. The new designs each feature a logo from an NFL franchise. Microsoft decided to keep the price the same as the Signature Type Cover that launch back in April. However, it is worth noting that these new football inspired covers lack the Alcantara fabric of the Signature.

Also missing is the fingerprint reader. So, consumers are just getting a back to basics Surface Type Cover, but with a team design. As with all Type Covers, the new designs will work with a Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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