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Surface All-in-One: Microsoft Allegedly Testing Three New Devices

Internal sources suggest that the device is being tested with three display sizes, but it's unclear which, if any, will make it to market. One of the Surface AIO models reportedly features a 27" 4K screen.


Rumours about an all-in-one Surface PC have been circulating for a while now. Early last month, Digitimes claimed that information from suppliers suggests development has begun. Now new information supplied to Windows Central implies that three of the devices are in testing.

is reportedly trialing the devices with three different display sizes. First is a 21″ model in Full HD, as well as 24″ and 27″ screens in 4K. However, there is no confirmation that any of these devices will launch.

It's also not known if Microsoft will release all three or settle on one. Nobody quite knows what the company has up their sleeve for the Surface AIO, other than it being sleek and designed for the living room.

New Surface Book Rumours

Windows Central has also reported some additional details about Microsoft's successor. Due to their hinges, current models have a mildly infuriating gap when closed. The new rumor suggests that the next model will sit flush.

Sources also indicate that the device will get 's new Kaby Lake processor, which is set to ship late this year. It would bring second generation USB 3.1 to the device, as well as a new 3D and 4K graphics architecture.

However, Windows Central notes that these are just rumors, and their personal sources haven't confirmed anything other than ‘updated internals.' This gels with earlier suggestions of an SoC refresh for the line.

There has been no further information about the line or if it will be updated. If they're bringing the Kaby Lake processor to the Surface Book, then it would make sense to refresh the Pro 4 with it too, but there's no internal confirmation yet.

The release date would be tied to Intel's processor, and ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley is suggesting an announcement in New York in the Fall, followed by shipping a few weeks later. This  is corroborated by a tweet from developer Subhan Chemburkar, who posted an image of Microsoft's Building 88.

Unfortunately, there has been no new information about the rumored ‘Surface Phone.' Previously, the information alleged that the device would launch with Redstone 2, but according to ZDNet it has been pushed back to after then. Whatever the case, it seems that 2017 will be one of Microsoft's biggest years yet.

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