Windows  Redstone

Soon after Windows Anniversary shipped, Microsoft confirmed that Redstone 2 builds would be coming as early as August. New information suggests that we could be seeing those Insider updates very soon.

The information comes from Windows Central, whose sources say it could be coming on Friday, next week at the latest. A mid-month build wouldn’t be out of ordinary, and this has also been confirmed by Core Insider Program on Twitter.

The account says that the build will be named 14901.1. Windows Central sources confirm that that the build has been testing internally since Saturday, so it seems likely.


Core Insider Program later announced that the build will be coming to both mobile and PC. Rumours suggest that Redstone 2 will be a mobile-centric build, so a release for phones would make sense.

Redstone 2 Features

The big question is what kind of updates we will see in this build, but the unfortunate truth is that nobody really knows. There have been few rumors about what changes are coming, but a leaked internal support does suggest action center changes.

According to a document sent to MSPoweruser, buttons will now be separated into “Actions” and “Toggles.” The images also suggest that there will be a more accessible brightness slider.

However, as we mentioned before, documents like this can be faked relatively easily. Microsoft has not hinted at anything of the kind, so it’s all unconfirmed at this point.

If an Action Center redesign is coming, we still may not see it in this build. The documents suggest that development was yet to start last month, though the changes had been agreed on internally.

Redstone 2 isn’t expected to release publically until Spring 2017. That’s a long way off, so the upcoming build may just consist of some minor improvements. We won’t know for sure until next week, so stay tuned for further information as the situation develops.