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Microsoft Is Trying to Entice Small Businesses to Use Windows 10 Enterprise

Two new subscription plans, dubbed Enterprise E3 and E5, will offer better value and more benefits for small to medium scale businesses.


's Windows 10 Enterprise edition has been doing terribly, with only 0.5% of businesses running it. However, Microsoft has now tried to provide a solution with two new subscription plans.

Known as Windows 10 Enterprise E3 and E5, the new plans were detailed at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference.

Windows 10 Enterprise E3 vs. Enterprise E5

The E3 subscription plan will cost $7 per month, and will include Windows 10 Enterprise, as well as software insurance. E3 users won't get access to the Long Term Servicing Branch, which means that they will get no new features, just security fixes.

E3 has a minimum of one seat, but no maximum limit, and gets five installs per user. Microsoft promises that Windows 10 Pro users can be on Enterprise within two minutes using Azure Active Directory.

There has been no mention of price for E5, but it has all the features of E3 and some extra benefits. The main one is the inclusion of Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection.

Advanced Threat Protection is designed to act as an early barrier against cyber attacks, detecting and dealing with incoming threats on enterprise networks. E5 is the only Windows platform it will be available for.

Both plans will be offered through the Enterprise Agreement on September 1st. Microsoft encourages businesses to combine it with their other subscriptions, such as Dynamics CRM Online and .

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