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Skype Preview UWP Updated to Build

The latest Insider release of Skype Preview UWP adds an important feature that lets users see notifications from the app on the lock screen.


has issued a new update for the Skype Universal Windows App today. The Skype Preview UWP is still not widely available, but Insiders can get version with the new release. In terms of changes, they remain limited as we draw close to the GA launch.

Build comes with the expected bug fixes and improvements, but it also lands a feature. Namely, users can now select Skype UWP as one of the applications that can give quick status notifications on the lock screen.

It is hardly a huge changelog, but this one feature alone is excellent. Not least because it means users can now see quickly and more efficiently a Skype notification. It is worth noting that this does not mean Skype Preview UWP can become the default app of choice on lock screen.

Microsoft is launching the on August 2. With that upgrade the company's Universal Windows Platform will move into full gear. That's when the preview UWP apps will leave the Insider Program and roll out to end users.

Skype as a Universal app is one of the most welcome. Microsoft pissed off most users by splitting Skype services amongst Windows applications. The company announced earlier in the year that it was changing its mind. That means Skype is now rolled into one service with the Anniversary Update.

With the UWP tag, Skype will function equally for users across form factors. Users on PC will get the same Skype as those on Windows 10 Mobile. The Universal Windows Platform also incorporates other Microsoft devices, like HoloLens and Xbox.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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