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While Windows 10 has been a huge success for Microsoft, the way the company has pushed the platform has been widely criticized. Following an initial court action last month, Microsoft is now facing further legal actions. Lawsuits in Florida and Israel are pushing against the company’s free upgrade system.

Microsoft is probably thankful that its free upgrade windows is closing this Friday. The way the company has pushed Windows 10 in a confusing manner, with some comparing it to malware. Updates start without warning and have angered users because of their pushy manner. It’s interesting that most like Windows 10 as a platform, just not how it arrives.

Last month felt like a watershed moment when a Californian case saw Microsoft pay $10,000. In that case, Windows 10 failed during an automatic (read unscheduled) update and caused problems to a woman’s PC.

New Lawsuits

The latest cases, as reported by the Seattle Times, are in Israel and Florida. Three men signed a lawsuit against Microsoft in the US District Court in Florida last week. They say the ‘Get Windows 10’ update prompts are promoting illegal unsolicited electronic advertising. This, the three claim, are a breach of FTC regulations.

Away from the United States, Microsoft is also getting legal heat in Haifa, Israel. The company, however, remains steadfast and insists it has done nothing wrong. However, Microsoft did change its update policy last month to make it easier to understand.

In a statement, Microsoft said: “We believe the plaintiffs’ claims are without merit and we are confident we’ll be successful in court.”