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HoloLens and Missing Person App Lead Hackathon Projects

Microsoft’s //oneweek Hackathon is underway. Two early projects include a HoloLens implementation that helps the brain make connections. Another is an application that helps refugees locate missing loved ones.


As we reported yesterday, 's //oneweek Hackathon is under way. One of the early intriguing new ideas takes the company's HoloLens and uses it for life enhancing purposes. The project uses the augmented reality device to help the brain make connections and not misfire.

The project was created by a group of Microsoft employees competing in the //oneweek Hackathon 2016. With the use of HoloLens the brain can be retrained to accept connections that would have misfired.

“What if you could teach your brain to respond differently? Inspired by their leader and fellow employee who lives with a neurological disorder, this Microsoft Hackathon team aims to use augmented reality to help the brain establish new learned connections and stop misfiring.”


Other notable Hackathon projects are also available on Microsoft's website for the event. Among them is a method to help refugees locate missing people. Family Finder mobile app uses the cloud to help find missing people. You can check out the video for that project below.



In an official blog post to announce the event, Microsoft says that there are more than 3,200 registered Hackathon projects. During the week developers will be able to hack anything. Microsoft uses bots and HoloLens as two examples. These are two areas where the company is pushing for increased developer support.

“This is the third year of //oneweek, which brings employees together as they work on projects that inspire them, as well as see and demo the latest Microsoft products, ask questions about what's coming in the next fiscal year, volunteer in their communities and celebrate their accomplishments.”

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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