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Microsoft Research Opens Faculty Summit 2016

The seventeenth Microsoft Faculty Summit takes place in Redmond, Washington and focuses on how computing innovations can contribute to increasing productivity in our business and society.


CEO Satya Nadella, in a fireside chat with Jeannette M. Wing, Microsoft's corporate vice president in charge of basic research labs, gave an apt beginning to the Faculty Summit. Nadella underscored the role of in continuing to breakthroughs capable of making big impacts across multiple industries.

More than 500 academics and researchers are participating in sessions ranging from virtual reality and optical networks to the future of work and crowdsourced problem-solving.They will be discussing ways to collaborate on the most pressing and important research questions in computer science and beyond.

They will be discussing ways to collaborate on the most pressing and important research questions in computer science and beyond.

Daron Green, the managing director for Microsoft Research's Outreach program, also started the summit with a call to utilize the newest machine learning and artificial intelligence tools.

Free Tools Available for Academic use:

  • Microsoft Cognitive Services Academic Knowledge API accesses the Academic Graph (data) which now consists of 150 million publications dating back to 1870 and is growing at a rate of 1 million publications per month. What's more, researchers can experience the breadth and depth of the Academic Knowledge API and Academic Graph by using Microsoft Academic, an online destination where anyone can discover a rich set of related papers, conferences, people and other information in their area of expertise.
  • Open Academic Society: Newly formed with the ambition of growing the Academic Graph, members provide workshops, challenges, and data sharing activities and anyone can benefit by participating and/or contributing to the mammoth dataset of 44 million unique authors and 1 billion citations.
  • Project Malmo: The open source initiative sends AI-fueled agents into the world-building game Minecraft with the goal of developing more sophisticated intelligence that can complete human-like tasks.”

On Wednesday, at a hot topics session, Microsoft researchers presented the advancements in speech recognition, molecular programming, and Internet security.

The participants will also have the opportunity to stay an extra day to attend workshops for quantum algorithms, related topics.

You can visit the official Microsoft website for further details from the Summit.

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