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Enpass Password Manager Adds Microsoft Edge Extension in Latest Beta

The update also comes with an extension for the Vivaldi browser, as well as TOTP support for other categories.


The Enpass password manager has added support for Microsoft Edge in its latest beta release. Previously, passwords had to be copied from the desktop application or other browsers.

The update includes a number of other new features and improvements, including optimized memory usage and the Diceware algorithm for password generation.

Other Changes

Enpass team member Vikram Dabas broke the news on their official forum, giving the complete changelog:

What's New:

  • Added Enpass extension support for Edge (Beta) and Vivaldi browser. If you are already using Vivaldi browser with browser verification disabled, please enable the verification.
  • Added import from True key password manager.


  • Diceware in Password generator. The improved password generator now uses Diceware algorithm to generate beautiful, more pronounceable yet strong passwords with more options to include digits and symbols.
  • TOTP support for all categories except Secure Notes.
  • Auto-fill support for all items. Along with logins, now you can auto-fill all types of items having a valid URL, username and password on login pages.
  • Now you can use defined shortcut keys to copy username, password or to launch the url, from selected item in Enpass Extension (Helper).
  • Added support to manually define scaling factor for high DPI monitors. (Windows only)
  • Added password length indicator on Edit page.
  • Improvements in importing data from Roboform and Keepass.
  • Improved Tray icon handler: Single click on tray icon will open Extension windows, while double click will open the main Enpass app.

The application also recieved a number of other fixes. These include syncing issues after sleep mode, high CPU usage, and tupdate button issues.

This update pushes the build up to Version 5.2.2, and can be downloaded for Windows, Mac and Linux now. The Edge extension comes in a seperate zip file will installation instructions. It requires a Windows 10 Insider build with Edge 38.14361.0.0.

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