Anime Month Free Microsoft Store Screenshot

Microsoft is making a big sale push to celebrate Anime Month. The company is offering free content, deals, and more through the Microsoft Store. To celebrate the festivities, Microsoft says users can get free episodes, watch favorite series’ and this weekend there will be a special offer that will be announced on Friday.

Anime has always been big business in Japan and the wider southeastern Asia region, but over the last fifteen years it has enjoyed an explosion of popularity in the West. Whereas it used to be a niche market in Europe and North America, Anime is now a major entertainment force spreading across multiple media’s.

It should be noted that Anime Month is very much a Microsoft creation for the company to give customers deals on Anime content through the Microsoft Store. Included in the savings is plenty of free content, while also price cuts on other Anime content:

You can check out the breadth of offer by clicking the relevant links above, or by heading to the TV & Movies of the Store for more information.

This is not the only recent Microsoft sale. Running right now (July 5 -11) is the Ultimate Game Sale, where the company is offering savings of between 10-75% for 250 PC and Xbox titles.