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Microsoft’s Power BI Gets a New Barcode Scanner for iOS

Microsoft has enhanced the Power BI experience for retailers through barcode scanning, allowing them to see related records for each product.


The enhancement allows retailers to get performance and inventory information for specific items to allow them to make informed business decisions without the need for manual analysis.

Program Manager for Power BI Romi Koifman notes that the update has benefits for other firms too, stating that the scanners “can also be used for warehouse inventory management, or even in IT to retrieve data on tagged physical equipment.”

The barcode dataset of the store owner simply needs to contain a column with products codes, which can be loaded into the desktop client, which has also received major updates of late. The user needs to select the table containing the column and mark it as ‘Barcode’, and then they are ready to go.

Once a barcode is scanned the report will load and automatically filter by barcode value, allowing them to select which report they want to use if there is more than one. The filter can be refined further by scanning additional codes.

Desktop App

Power BI is quickly becoming an extremely powerful tool for businesses with the use of new desktop app updates, which add extra report features such as searchable slicers, configurable line chart labels and new sign-in entry points.

The June update also allows businesses to use Microsoft’s new Shape Map feature, which allows the user to show relative comparisons of regions on a map by applying different colors.

Additionally, Azure Enterprise Data Connectors now enable users to pull information from their Azure accounts and build reports and analytics based on that data. The existing connectors for SAP HANA and SAP BW have been improved to allow multi-select of values for Variables/Parameters and Support for Hierarchies in SAP BW. The OData Connector now supports importing Open Type columns from OData feeds.

The combination of updates across platforms marks Microsoft’s continued innovation in the business software sector, making on the fly, data-driven decisions more simple than ever.

The latest version of Power BI for iOS can be downloaded from the app store, while the latest desktop version is available here.

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