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Microsoft Sends Invites for Fifth Wave of HoloLens Developer Edition Devices

The company is offering more and more HoloLens Developer Edition units to interested developers who can further beef up content for the augmented reality platform.


has kicked off the fifth wave of invites for the distribution of HoloLens Developer Edition devices already.

The company originally estimated to ship another wave of HoloLens kits every three two to three months, but in fact they are ahead of schedule.  They had sent invites for this wave just about two weeks ago  and the third wave had also been early in the first week of June.

Given this pace of development, it is more than likely that Microsoft will finish distributing its HoloLens Developer Edition units to all registered developers significantly ahead of schedule.

From a business standpoint, the HoloLens has a huge potential to drive productivity to an entirely different dimension. Microsoft's steady and progressive buildup of its concept, implementation, various services, and its subsequent markets, is a clear sign that the company is definitely pacing up its development to make the completed system available to consumers in the earliest time possible.

As to what the final product quality will be due to this rather hastened overall development is uncertain, but perhaps that is what the quickened pace of the Developer Edition distribution is for.

Like always, the Developer Edition units will come at $3,000. A reply within 10 days of receiving the invite will be required to properly avail the opportunity before being passed to another registered developer within the queue.


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