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Microsoft and Monsanto to Jointly Invest in Brazilian Agricultural Tech

Microsoft and the US biotech company Monsanto Co. have entered a partnership deal to invest in concept implementation for agricultural startups in Brazil.


Monsanto Co., an international agricultural biotechnology corporation, in cooperation with , has announced earlier this week its plans to invest in agricultural startups in Brazil.

The investment fund for the partnership will primarily include concept evaluation for upcoming digital tools, to be used for country-wide agricultural production.

It is now estimated to be equivalent to $92 million, with Microsoft heading as the fund manager, and providing additional funds as a co-investor.

After the evaluation phase, the concepts selected will be executed with an early development funding equivalent to about $458,000. Should the concepts prove successful in the next three years, its respective project managers may either pay back the initial investment capital or opt to turn the funds produced into equity.

Microsoft's latest agricultural tech research partnership deal is just but one of the steady tech-based startup investment projects that that company has been dealing with for the past few months.

Just last June, using its retooled Microsoft Ventures division, the tech giant has already invested in different funding deals for at least three startup : tech sales startup Outreach, mobile customer support business Helpshift, and AI assistance oriented venture CrowdFlower.

Granted, Microsoft Ventures division is more focused on smaller startup investments than its primary international investment arm. Nevertheless, as with the upcoming agricultural biotech investment, it is providing the same financial opportunities for would-be successful business tech concepts worldwide.


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