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Microsoft Announces Swrve Partnership and Opens Up about Mobile Advertising

Swrve will help UWP developers integrate MMA analytics and techniques into Windows apps, something Microsoft says is important in the age of mobile.


Microsoft has taken to the Windows blog to describe the effect of Mobile Marketing Automation (MMA), while the company also announced a new partner in Swrve.

Smartphones are now the de facto market driver when it comes to advertising, simply because most people with income to buy advertised good own a mobile device. Mobile marketing has become a hugely important industry and is a relatively easy way for businesses to engage with customers.

In its post, Microsoft details three main types of mobile advertising that can help increase connections with consumers. Push notifications and in-app messages can give consumers products information in real-time, but some turn off such messages, so Microsoft says “following a user’s journey” outside an app is an approach to MMA.

Mobile marketing automation is used by various industries, such as games, media, e-commerce, health, and travel—just to name a few. Ultimately, anyone that wants to engage their users effectively can benefit from MMA for the purpose of increased revenue and better user engagement.

Arguably the whole post has been written to announce Swrve as a new MMA advertising parent of Windows. You may remember that Microsoft discussed this collaboration during Build 2016 earlier in the year. Swrve is a mobile engagement platform that helped mobile app developers interact with customers through advertising.

Swrve users can take advantage of features such as analytics tools and advanced targeting, while they can also engage with customers through conversations. The service allows app owners to see a customer’s activity through a life cycle to see activity through six states of activity/inactivity.


Microsoft says that integrating Swrve into an application is easy for those developing for the Universal Windows Platform. Those developers can install the SDK and then do some minor coding to make Swrve active throughout the app, from startup to resumption.

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