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Microsoft Confirms Fingerprint Reading Capability for Windows 10 Mobile this Year


The company has finally confirmed that fingerprint reading software will be added to Mobile this year, allowing manufacturers to place scanners in their .

There are numerous reasons why Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile struggles to impact iOS and , some are out of 's control. However, there is no doubt that even the stellar Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL smartphones lack that extra functionality and scale that flagships on other platforms do.

Microsoft is working hard to rectify that, but still in terms of high end handsets, Windows is lagging far behind even if Continuum is a stunning standout feature. One area where Google and are in front is in terms of recognition biometrics for unlocking a device.

Sure, one can point to Windows Hello facial recognition for Windows 10 Mobile, but the lack of fingerprint reading on the platform leaves Microsoft trailing its rivals. There is no doubt that the company is one of the leaders in terms of security and biometric research, so Windows should be a leader in this aspect in the mobile space.

Are fingerprint scanners infallible? Not at all, but they have given users that one key thing they look for on a mobile device … convenience.

Microsoft has now confirmed that it is bringing fingerprint reading capabilities to Windows 10 Mobile within the next few months. This will be a welcome addition to , and alongside facial recognition it will be among the best security suites on any mobile platform. The feature was found on Reddit in a Microsoft presentation for WinHec 2016.

Interestingly, Microsoft is not expected to launch any new smartphones this year, let alone a high end device that would pack a . That means Windows 10 Mobile OEMs will have to lead the way and develop devices to take advantage of Microsoft's new feature.

That suits the company as it has said it wants it Windows partners to provide more alternatives to its own Lumia brand, and a fingerprint scanner would be a standout for the time being. Microsoft itself will likely jump on the finger reading train sometime in 2017, likely when it launches its next flagship device.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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