Microsoft Discusses Xamarin Integration on Visual Studio

Microsoft Build  Keynote

At Evolve 2016, has announced deeper integration for the cross platform app creator into .

Microsoft is big into cross platform service these days and the company has developed several bridging tools to allow developers to port their and iOS apps to Windows without needing to change much code.

Earlier in the year the company purchased Xamarin, which allowed it to focus solely on iOS bridging, giving developers an easy method for coding their apps for the Windows platform.

As Xamarin's owner, Microsoft now has an increased presence at Xamarin Evolved, the annual show that is the largest cross-platform mobile event in the world.

With 1,500 developers at the event, it is an important base for Microsoft to show just how it will use Xamarin and other tools to entice developers to build apps for Windows.

Last month at Build 2016, Microsoft announced the integration of Xamarin technology into the Visual Studio service, making it easier for the 13 million Visual Studio developers to make their apps cross platform. This Any App approach allows devs to make universal apps for Windows, Android, and iOS without additional costs.

At Evolve 2016 Microsoft has announced further integration of Xamarin into Visual Studio, with Windows now supporting end to end to allow the building of apps for iOS.

We've improved out of the box Visual Studio Team Services tasks for building Xamarin apps and using Xamarin Test Cloud to help you get going quickly on continuous integration (CI) in the cloud. These features work for both Android and iOS since Team Services can build, test, and deploy your Xamarin iOS apps via your own integrated Mac or a 3rd party cloud service like MacinCloud or MacStadium. You can even extend your CI workflow into continuous delivery using release management and the new HockeyApp and Play Team Services extensions.

Users can now use Visual Studio to test and debug iOS apps directly in Windows, which Microsoft says allows developers to use their favorite IDE to build apps. Test Recorder, a Visual Studio plugin allows developers to test applications directly on a device, to see how they function and operate.