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Microsoft’s Windows Bridge for iOS gets Boost from Intel Accelerate Framework


Intel is working to help developers use the Windows Bridge for iOS with Accelerate framework, a tool that makes bridging apps easy.

Intel is backing the Windows Bridge for iOS, Microsoft says in a new blog post focusing on Accelerate framework, Intel’s contribution to the iOS Bridge.

Discussing its position, Intel says it wants developers to have the best experience when bridging iOS apps and so will provide “key iOS developer Frameworks.”

This will include Objective-C code bases that take the iOS code and reuse if on Windows 10 devices that are running on Intel silicon.

Accelerate framework is detailed in the blog post, highlighting its Objective-C APIs for vector and matrix mathematics, DSP, and image processing.

These APIs are essential for applications with scientific computing needs, including audio and image filters. We have implemented support for BLAS, as well as a subset of the vDSP and vImage APIs. Below is a sample app that uses vImage APIs to modify RGB values and blur an image.

Users can create sample applications using Windows Bridge for iOS, allowing the testing of Intel’s Accelerate framework. This can be done with:

A Windows 10 PC with Visual Studio 2015 (Free download available from the Windows Dev Center)

The newest release of the Windows Bridge for iOS from GitHub

In the blog post, Intel goes into detail on how to bridge an app, going through the numerous stages of the processes to build and upload the content. The GitHub page for the project provides more resources and includes a list of problems currently known to be causing issues for the Accelerator framework.

Intel is committed to ensuring that developers have the best experience on Intel platforms to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We want to make sure that developers who have invested in Objective-C code bases can reuse their code on Windows 10 devices running on Intel Architecture.

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