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Azure Container Service (ACS) is making its way to more developers as Microsoft broadens the service and enters the Containers as a Service (CaaS) market officially.

Microsoft is making moves in the Containers as a Service (CaaS) environment, making its presence more official with the release of Azure Container Service (ACS) available to more developers.

ACS made its debut at AzureCon last October and was followed by a private tech preview mode that was issued in December, 2015.

Microsoft is entering the CaaS market as it is becoming more popular and replacing Platform as a Service (PaaS), with developers increasingly turning to the cloud to host services.

The Azure Container Service is hosted in Microsoft’s Azure cloud service and is a container hosting environment that uses open source tools to host content.

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In a blog post that introduced ACS, Microsoft said the service provides an easier container for applications that offers “maximum flexibility and portability”. Docker Swarm and Mesosphere DCOS are the two orchestration engines supported by ACS, with customers able to select between the engines of their choice to host their clusters.

The Azure container host solution allows for the migration of containers from and to Azure without having to change the coding, and existing managing systems can be moved simply to the cloud. Standard API endpoints allow customers to use the orchestration of their choice, and most open source tools are compatible with ACS.

The opening of Azure Container Service as a public preview means developers can evaluate the containers and applications. Emphasizing the open source nature of Azure, Microsoft announced earlier this week that over 60% of the service is Linux based.

SOURCE: Forbes