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FreedomPay has announced to bring its global payment solutions to Microsoft´s Azure cloud platform. Microsoft will provide undisclosed funding and professional services to integrate FreedomPay services in Azure.

FreedomPay will offer end-to-end protection for credit card payments made through FreedomPay’s Commerce Platform on Microsoft Azure.

According to the press release “enterprises will be able to choose from a vast array of integrations across point-of-sale devices, payment processors and financial institutions, providing unparalleled protection for all payment transactions.”

FreedomPay is a white-label commerce platform for banks, retailers and healthcare providing secure, cloud-driven user experiences for in-store, online and mobile services. As an intermediary they already provide payment technology for stadiums, hospitality, restaurant, gaming, lodging and retail merchants.

Christopher Kronenthal, chief technology officer at FreedomPay says about the partnership with Microsoft:

“The Microsoft Azure cloud platform allows FreedomPay to deliver enhanced security, scalability and access to real-time data above and beyond anything available in the market today.

Microsoft is unique in its ability to offer us a hybrid cloud strategy, enabling FreedomPay to deploy the industry’s most comprehensive payment security standards and transactional data services to merchants, ensuring an enterprise path to supporting transaction numbers in the billions.”

Brendan O’Meara, responsible for Worldwide Retail and Consumer Goods at Microsoft thinks that the partnership will stimulate growth of Azure customers who are using Microsoft Azure for e-commerce services.

Source: FreedomPay