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Get your Display Dock Updated via Windows 10 mobile


has recently introduced the Display Dock which gives the ability for the user to connect a mouse, keyboard, and monitor for the purpose of using it as a PC. The Display Dock will get its updates via the Gadget App.


Microsoft's introduction of the and Lumia 950 XL, also brought forth an accessory known as the Display Dock, which will get its software updates via your Gadget App.

According to Microsoft Support,”You can update the software on the Display Dock by using the latest version of the Gadget app on your Lumia device. The Lumia device will notify you when a new software version is available for the Display Dock.”

If there is an issue with the software update you can check on your Gadget App for any software updates, once you have completed the update, you simply unplug and plug in again the power to the Display Dock.

Windows Continuum Mode and Microsoft Display Dock Capabilities

Microsoft had displayed the Continuum back in October and made the first revelation of what this feature offers. The Continuum connects your with your mouse, keyboard and screen for the purpose of using it as a PC.

According to Microsoft, with the Display Dock you can get a 1080 HD output and a USB-C port where you can charge your phone while you work. Once you are connected to your PC, you can still use your phone to make calls and send text messages while you are still working on your PC.

Microsoft wants to create a productive working for the user, and their statement is, “It's a PC- like experience that's powered by your phone.” 

Source: Microsoft via WinBeta

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