Autocomplete Tool For Drawings Microsoft Research

Microsoft Research, University of Hong Kong and the University of Tokyo have shown off  a technology that could mean a breakthrough in digital art. “Autocomplete hand-drawn animations” merges the charm of hand-drawn cartoons with the speed of digital animation.

The software analyzes in real time drawings done with a digital pen to predict and suggest what could be drawn next. There is still no name for the proof-of-concept called “Autocomplete hand-drawn animations”, but you can watch it already in action in the following video shared by Microsoft Research for the SIGGRAPH Asia 2015 Conference.

“Autocomplete hand-drawn animations” uses one image to get started and based on a template it gives you suggestions for drawing new lines and objects.


When you start copying one existing pattern, the tool will identify basic shapes and offer you to place and modify it on a different spot. You can think of it as a flexible copy and paste for drawing shapes with the option to move and shape single lines.

Another feature can be used to fit single shapes to animations with quick successions of very similar images. So far there are no plans for a final product but this might be just a matter of time.

Source: Microsoft ResearchSIGGRAPH Asia 2015