Microsoft Unveils Low-End Surface Book With Discrete NVIDIA Graphics

Microsoft Surface Book official detached

Shortly before the launch of its new Surface Book, the company adds another low-end option to its offering.

The new base model introduced by the company powers up by a Core i5 processor paired with 8GB of RAM. It packs 128 gigs of storage, and includes a discrete GPU to perform slightly better than other low-end machines equipped with mere integrated graphics.

Microsoft Surface Book official

Advanced  dGPU bumps up the element of pricing and the takes the base machine to a price tag of $1,699, instead of $1,499.

The choice between graphics and storage at the same price

So now, at $1,699, buyers will have two options to select from. First, the standard model with exactly double storage capacity at 256GB, and the second, with advanced graphic capabilities from NVIDIA's discrete graphics processor.

surface book - low end official Microsoft Store

As of now, has been silent about power or capabilities of this discrete graphics processor. But, as far as rumors go, the new dGPU is expected to pack the same amount of power as Nvidia GeForce 940M. This is not likely to impress many gamers and tech-buffs as most of them expected something equivalent to Nvidia GeForce 950M graphics processor.

The latest changes in the surface line-up have received positive response from all corners of the world. Some people even believe that these changes will redefine the laptop ecosystem completely.

Source: Microsoft Store