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holoportation microsoft

Microsoft Demos a Mobile Holoportation Solution

In order to make Holoportation mobile, a team of experts working on the project reduced the bandwidth requirements by 97 percent, while still maintaining quality.
Surface Studio Surface Dial Microsoft Official

Microsoft Details Power of Surface Studio and Surface Dial with Six Videos

The company has uploaded a number of videos to its YouTube channel to show off the Surface Studio and Surface Dial. Apps including StaffPad and Sketchable show how the all-in-one PC and its accessory can transform a creative process.
Microsoft Edge Windows  Microsoft Official

WebAssembly Browser Preview Coming to Microsoft Edge Soon

Microsoft has released footage from an internal demo of Edge using WebAssembly. The Redmond giant states that it will be working on a public preview over the next few months.
Xbox Clubs Screenshot Microsoft

Microsoft Releases Looking for Group and Clubs Features to Xbox One via Preview Build

The latest Xbox Preview build brings the long-awaited Club and Looking for Group features, as well as improvements to the Xbox Gamerscore leaderboard and more.
New Forge Browser Halo Twitter

New Halo 5 Content Browser Revealed at RTX Event

The new browser will contain a host of new features to make map and forge creations easier to share.

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