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WhatsApp Click to Chat is “Leaking” User Phone Numbers Online

A researcher has found 300,000 WhatsApp user phone numbers through Google Search and says the leak poses a major identity theft risk.

Microsoft ElectionGuard Is Being Used for the First Time in Wisconsin Vote

Microsoft will trial its ElectionGuard software by comparing the results from digital voting machines to paper ballots in Wisconsin's Supreme Court candidate primary.
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Researcher Exploits Instagram’s Account Recovery 2FA to Access Any Account

A security researcher managed to brute force Instagram's 2FA login and password reset system via the use of 1000 PCs to bypass its rate-limiting. The issue has since been fixed.
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Microsoft Creates Safe Harbor for White Hat Hackers to Find Exploits in Azure

Microsoft is giving White Hat Hackers the chance to attack its Azure cloud platform to find and report on exploits.

Microsoft Azure DevOps Server 2019 Reaches General Availability

Azure DevOps Server 2019 is now widely available to customers as Microsoft’s replacement for Team Foundation Server 2018.
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Researchers Issue Micropatches for Zero-Day Windows Vulnerabilities

After Microsoft's slow progress on zero-day exploit fixes, Researchers at Acros Security have issued a temporary fix for three dangerous Windows bugs.
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Twitter User Discloses Zero-Day Windows Vulnerability on Twitter as Microsoft Rushes to Patch

A flaw in Task Scheduler lets attackers gain local privilege escalation. The zero-day Windows vulnerability appears to have been revealed without informing Microsoft, who is working quickly to fix the issue.
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Microsoft Finds Google Chrome Vulnerability, but is Project Zero Tasting its Own Medicine?

Microsoft’s Offensive Security Research team discovered a Chrome flaw, but has criticized Google’s approach to fixing it. However, this is not the hit against Project Zero that some may suspect.
Internet Explorer Screenshot

Internet Explorer Flaw Allows Attackers to Read Text from URL Address Bar

A new problem found in the latest version of Internet Explorer allows malicious websites to monitor URL address bar content and follow users.
Synack Hydra Platform

Microsoft Ventures Leads $21m Investment round in Synack Cybersecurity alongside HP and Signtel Innov8

The latest Microsoft Ventures led investment round brings the total raised to $55m. In exchange, Microsoft Ventures will have a place on the Synack board, alongside Proofpoint CEO Gary Steele.
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Apple Targeted by Hackers Who Want Ransom for 300 Million iCloud Account Breaches

The so-called Turkish Crime Family has told Apple to pay $75,000 by April 7 or it will wipe over 300 million iCloud and email accounts it now has access too. Apple says it will not pay ransoms to cyber criminals.

Sign in with Apple Flaw Gave Hackers Account Access to Third-Party Apps

A vulnerability in Apple’s Sign in with Apple feature could have allowed attackers to easily access third-party app accounts of victims.

Microsoft Azure Sphere Research Challenge Offers $100k to Hackers

Microsoft has announced its Azure Sphere Research Challenge, which tasks hackers with finding vulnerabilities in Azure Sphere.

GitHub Debuts Security Lab to Fight Vulnerabilities

GitHub Security Lab is a program that combines efforts of numerous organizations to find and prevent bugs across projects.
Microsoft Edge Windows  Microsoft Official

Mozilla Shows up Microsoft Edge with Three Hour Fix of Nasty Security Flaw

Microsoft Edge took three months to fix a security flaw that took Mozilla three hours, showing once more the company's slow response to important issues. Edge users should update their browser to ensure they're safe.
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Google Awards 18-Year-Old Student $36,000 for Discovery of Remote Code Execution Flaw

Uruguayan Ezequiel Pereira López found a remote code execution vulnerability in Google's App Engine and has been rewarded over a $30,000 as a result. It's not the student's first find, though it is his highest paying to date.
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Microsoft and Intel Disclose Spectre-like CPU Flaw That May Result in Further Performance Loss

A Spectre-like variant known as Speculative Store Bypass is largely mitigated by browser updates, but could still present a risk to users. Consumers can choose to enable a firmware update but will take a performance hit of 2-8%.

Google Project Zero Warns Microsoft about Exclusive Windows 10 Patches

Microsoft's tendency to focus on Windows 10 security could leave Windows 7 vulnerable, says Google Project Zero researcher Mateusz Jurczyk. He points out several bugs that can be discovered by looking for discovered bugs in older OSes.
Security Free Reuse

Microsoft Windows 10 Zero-Day Exploit Now on Sale for $90,000

A Russian hacker is selling a zero-day exploit that can target all Microsoft Windows builds from Windows 2000 to Windows 10.


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