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Hacker Vows to Delete Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Account This Sunday

A Taiwanese hacker claims to be able to delete Mark Zuckerberg's account and will stream the attempt live on Facebook this weekend. By doing so, he will be violating the company's bug bounty terms of service and may face legal action.


In a strange turn of events, a Taiwanese hacker has promised to live stream himself 's account. Known in the bug bounty scene, Chang Chi-yuan says he will delete the CEO's profile in front of his 26,000 Facebook followers.

According to Bloomberg, the 24-year old was sued for hacking into a local bus operator and buying a 3 cent ticket. He's previously claimed attacks on and Tesla, and is named in Line Corp.'s hall of fame for bug bounties.

Interestingly, Chang scheduled the live stream on the very platform he's trying to hack. So far, Facebook is yet to respond to the threat in any way, but its possible work is happening behind the scenes.

In any case, it's impossible to verify if Chang's announcement has any truth to it. The hacker has created a comedic poster for the event, featuring himself and Zuckerberg with laser eyes. The caption reads “Zucc'd or $7'D”.

Compensation Unlikely

However, it's worth noting that the CEO's account has been compromised in the past. Security researcher Khalil Shareath managed to post from Zuckerberg's account in 2011. His desire for a monetary reward was shunned by Facebook, but crowd funders eventually picked up the tab.

It's likely Chi-yuan will face a similar fate, provided it's not an elaborate joke. That would be bad news for hacker considering his previous statements.

“I don't want to be a proper hacker, and I don't want to be a hacker at all,” he wrote in a post last week. “I'm just bored and try to dabble so I can earn some money.”

To qualify for Facebook's bug bounty program and avoid legal action, hackers must have a reasonable disclosure period. In addition, they must not modify or access data from an individual account unless the owner has consented. Issuers are not allowed exploit vulnerabilities they discover under any circumstances.

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