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Microsoft Unveils New Lock Screen Experience for Windows 11 and 10 Users

Windows 11 & 10 lock screens get a makeover! Starting in April, dynamic cards will show weather and more.


Microsoft has confirmed the official release of an updated lock screen experience for users of Windows 11 23H2 and Windows 10 22H2. Scheduled to begin with the April monthly security update, known as “Patch Tuesday,” the deployment marks a significant enhancement in how users interact with their PCs at a glance. The update, characterized by the introduction of dynamic cards on the lock screen, aims to provide quick and accessible information updates, starting with weather conditions and alerts.

Details of the Rollout

The rollout of this new feature is set to commence on April 9, coinciding with Patch Tuesday, and will be conducted in phases. This approach suggests that not all users will receive the update immediately, allowing Microsoft to manage the deployment process effectively. Initially, the lock screen will display current weather conditions and related alerts through dynamic cards. Microsoft plans to expand this functionality to include updates on finance, sports, traffic, and more as the rollout progresses. This phased approach is designed to ensure a smooth transition and allow for adjustments based on user feedback and technical requirements.

User Experience and Customization

For users of Windows 10, the new lock screen cards will appear at the bottom left of the screen, while Windows 11 users will find them centered at the bottom. This design choice reflects the aesthetic differences between the two operating systems and aims to integrate seamlessly with the existing user interface. Microsoft has indicated that the initial release will primarily utilize location and language to display relevant information. However, future updates will introduce options for users to customize the cards according to their preferences, enhancing the personalization of the lock screen experience.

In anticipation of the full experience, Microsoft advises users that seeing only the Weather card initially means their PC is not yet eligible for the complete range of dynamic updates. Additionally, the availability of certain cards may vary by region, reflecting Microsoft’s effort to tailor the lock screen experience to diverse global audiences.

To access these new features, users are encouraged to install the latest non-security updates for Windows 11 and Windows 10. Guides on enabling the enhanced lock screen on both operating systems are available, providing step-by-step instructions for users eager to experience the updated functionality.

In summary, Microsoft’s introduction of dynamic cards to the Windows lock screen represents a significant enhancement in how users receive information at a glance. With phased deployment beginning in April, this update promises to make the lock screen a more informative and customizable aspect of the Windows experience.

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