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Microsoft Edge to Introduce Game View Feature for Enhanced Gaming Experience

Microsoft's Edge browser gets "Game View" for PC gamers (Insider access only). This feature offers game tips and suggestions


has recently unveiled a new feature in the Canary version of its Edge browser, aimed at enhancing the gaming experience for PC users. Dubbed “Game View”, this feature is designed to offer game suggestions and tips directly within the browser, providing a seamless transition for gamers switching from their game to the browser. Initially tested at the beginning of the year, this feature is currently available in the Preview version, making it accessible only to Insider members.

Functionality and Accessibility

The functionality of Game View allows it to automatically present itself when a user switches from a supported PC game to Microsoft Edge. This is facilitated by a new setting within the browser's options, enabling users to choose whether the Game View pane opens automatically upon switching windows. The feature is integrated into the Edge Sidebar settings, where Insiders can activate it. Additionally, Game View is part of the Copilot sidebar menu, showcasing the currently played game along with relevant suggestions, tips, and guides. This integration aims to provide a tailored experience, enhancing the gaming and browsing experience simultaneously.

Resource Management and Future Prospects

In line with its focus on improving user experience, Microsoft has also introduced a feature allowing users to limit the RAM usage of Edge. This development is particularly beneficial for gamers, as it enables them to customize the browser's resource consumption, ensuring smoother gameplay and browsing. Although the Game View feature is still in its Preview phase and not yet available to the general public, its potential impact on gaming and web browsing integration is significant. As Microsoft continues to refine and eventually release this feature to all users, it represents a step forward in creating a more immersive and personalized gaming experience through its Edge browser.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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