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Skype Unveils Channels Feature in Partnership with Over 3,500 News Providers

Skype adds "Channels" to become a news hub. Partnering with major publishers and using AI, it curates and lets you share news


Microsoft has unveiled a significant update to Skype, introducing a feature known as “Skype Channels”. This new addition aims to transform the way users engage with media content through the platform. By forging partnerships with over 3,500 news providers, including high-profile names like NBC News, CNN, and The Washington Post, Skype Channels promises to deliver a wide array of information directly to users. The initiative not only marks a significant expansion in Skype’s functionality but also positions it as a central hub for accessing a diverse range of news content.

A Closer Look at the Features

Skype Channels is designed to offer a personalized news consumption experience. Beyond the traditional news channels, the feature includes AI-powered Channels that curate content based on individual user preferences. This is achieved by analyzing users’ interactions and interests to present them with news articles that are most relevant to their tastes. Users can explore these channels by selecting a publisher or searching for specific topics, with the option to add more interests such as artificial intelligence, art, and politics. This level of customization ensures that users are not only informed but also engaged with content that resonates with their personal interests.Skype-Channels-News-Microsoft-Mobile

Sharing and Engagement

One of the standout aspects of Skype Channels is the ease with which users can share news stories. Whether with friends within Skype or externally, the feature facilitates seamless sharing, encouraging discussions and interactions around current events. Microsoft has highlighted this functionality as a key component of Skype Channels, emphasizing its potential to foster a more connected and informed community of users. Despite the availability of similar sharing capabilities through conventional browsers and AI technologies, the integration of this feature within Skype presents a unique value proposition for users seeking a more cohesive and interactive platform for news consumption.

Skype Channels represents a significant step forward in Microsoft’s efforts to enhance the Skype platform. By leveraging its partnership with a vast network of news providers and incorporating advanced AI technology for personalized content curation, Skype is set to offer its users a comprehensive and engaging news consumption experience. As this feature continues to evolve, it will be interesting to observe how it influences user engagement and the broader landscape of digital news dissemination.

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