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Microsoft Chooses Intel Foundry’s Advanced 18A Process for Chip Production

Intel Foundry launches, aiming to be the "AI era foundry" with Microsoft as its first client. Microsoft to use Intel's 18A process for custom chips


has officially introduced its semiconductor manufacturing division under a new name, Intel Foundry, positioning itself as the pioneer systems foundry tailored for the artificial intelligence (AI) era. In a significant development, has emerged as the inaugural client of Intel Foundry. The tech giant plans to leverage Intel's forthcoming 18A process technology to develop its own semiconductor chips. This partnership underscores a pivotal moment in the tech industry, ushering in a new chapter of innovation and productivity across various sectors.

Microsoft's Vision for the Future

During the Intel Foundry Direct Connect event, Microsoft CEO, , confirmed the collaboration via a virtual appearance, highlighting the transformative potential of this strategic alliance. Nadella emphasized the necessity for advanced, high-performance to fuel the next platform shift, which promises to redefine productivity at an individual, organizational, and industry-wide level. The specifics of the chip designed by Microsoft to be manufactured using Intel's 18A process remain under wraps. Yet, this move aligns with Microsoft's November 2023 revelation of two custom processors aimed at AI workloads, signaling its ambition to stay at the forefront of AI and computing technology.

Expansion and Roadmap

Intel's announcement also served as a platform to showcase its ambitious foundry roadmap for the coming years, marking the preparation for full product designs utilizing the 18A process slated for completion in 2024. Additionally, Intel introduced a more advanced 14A process, though its availability is anticipated to be further out on the horizon. The event revealed Intel Foundry's collaboration with an array of partners such as Synopsys, Cadence, Siemens, Ansys, Lorentz, and Keysight. These partnerships are designed to ensure tool qualification and IP readiness, facilitating a streamlined and efficient process for clients like Microsoft. This collaborative ecosystem not only accelerates the pace of innovation but also emphasizes Intel Foundry's commitment to addressing the complex needs of the AI era.

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